What Would You Do if You Won the Lottery? 

How much is the lottery these days? Fifty million? One hundred million? I’m sure that the Euro millions was once over one hundred million!  In any case, winning the lottery would obviously be any regular working to middle class person’s wildest dream come true. You could literally have anything you wanted for the rest of your life with that kind of money. Voice activated ten litre diamond encrusted sports cars with gold plated alloy wheels. A yacht? Does that float your boat? How about an island in the middle of no where like Richard Branson? Apparently he got his at a very reasonable price.

If like me, however, you want to change the environment around you in some way, big or small, in the hope of achieving both physical and spiritual advancements for both yourself and the whole planet (and if you’re not then what’s all that about?); then winning the lottery could mean something else entirely:

Here’s an idea; The Charity Lotto. One pound a ticket. The same rules would apply as the regular old lottery, only this time the winnings would go to the charity, cause or humanitarian or environmental events or projects the winner chooses. Each week the draw would be televised in the same way and the winner would instantly call to claim the winnings for their chosen charity or cause.  

No? Okay what about this; a free farm. Let’s say I did win the lottery. This is one of the things that I would definitely like to do. I would buy as much land as I could, fill it with as many homeless people as I could, build small dry lodges with modest sized beds in, and then teach them to grow all kinds of vegetables, herbs and berries. We have chickens and cows and produce a real life free working farm. It could be housed and maintained by as many homeless people the space will allow and it would then develop in to an open and free community. Of course there are planning permission issues and socio-political fopaux’s I’m sure to be making here with my fantastical and idealistic claims. But this is more than possible. In fact, it already exists. We have communes through out the world that operate this way but wouldn’t it be marvellous, wouldn’t it be real confirmation that we are on the way to an age of comprehension and love, if more and more people who did win the lottery, or even earned amounts they couldn’t spend in ten life times in what ever way, thought of creating areas like this in which free food can be grown and used to feed the starving, or any one for that matter, in the local area. Providing both food and shelter for the homeless and disadvantaged in society while also saving the local economy money AND preserving more and more of the environment. Doesn’t sound too impossible really does it? 

Again, just a thought. But that’s what I’d do if I won the lottery… 


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